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“Kry is a really good option for me because I know I will get help quickly and in English, too.”

If you haven’t consulted a doctor via video yet, you may be wondering how a virtual doctor’s visit works and what advantages it has over a regular visit at your GP practice. So we met one of our patients and asked her about her experience with Kry.

Sara, 29, is a full-time IT consultant from Sweden, who moved to Berlin two years ago. Since she works at an international company, she doesn’t speak much German at work and has always had a hard time finding the right doctor in Germany.

“For me the scary part of going to a doctor here in Germany is that I never know if they can speak English or not,” says Sara. She continues, “If I set up an appointment at a regular GP practice, I still can’t be guaranteed that someone will be there who speaks English. And if they don’t, they might not even be able to help me or it's very difficult to communicate. And when it concerns your health, you just don't want to take that kind of risk.”

And then, shortly after COVID-19 turned into a pandemic, Sara felt a slight pain in her lungs. “Usually I wouldn’t have acted on this, it wasn’t that severe. But since there was a lot of news about corona, I thought I should go and have this checked,” she says. But she didn’t want to go to a clinic and expose herself to the potential risk of getting infected with the coronavirus. And that’s when she remembered KRY.

“I’ve already been following Kry as a company for a while now because I’m generally very interested in digital healthcare,” Sara recalls, “I was curious about the app,” Sara continues.

How does the consultation work?

“I had a very smooth booking experience. It was super easy. I logged in, picked the issue I needed advice on, and then booked an appointment. I think the next available appointment was within one hour,” says Sara.

The doctor then called Sara through the app at the agreed time and conducted the consultation with her. She recalls, “I was wondering how the doctor could actually determine if I needed to come in or not just by looking at me via video, but in my case, the doctor simply asked me to do some exercises and then asked if it hurt anywhere while I was moving. It was actually really cool.”

Luckily the doctor could determine that her discomfort originated from back pains she had experienced a couple of days earlier and there was nothing to worry about. If needed, our doctors are of course also able to issue prescriptions, sick notes and/or referrals to a specialist. In Sara’s case the doctor recommended that a few days with over-the-counter painkillers would do the trick and relieve her pains.

“I was impressed by how the doctor was able to guide me through exercises that actually gave him the information he needed to make a diagnosis,” she states.

All in all, Sara summarizes the experience as getting “a super good medical consultation. [...] In my case, it was really perfect. [...] It felt very natural for me to meet the doctor and he was very, very friendly.”

Would you use Kry again?

Sara was very happy with her consultation at Kry and was amazed by how quickly she was able to receive medical advice from a healthcare professional, “Kry is a really good option for me because I know I will get help quickly and I know I will get support in English, too. [...] Also for example, for families with small kids, it can be really, really great to get medical advice quickly and easily.”

“What I really like about the development in digital healthcare is that it takes the pressure off physical practices, clinics and hospitals”, says Sara, emphasizing that virtual doctor visits can allow practices to have more capacity and thus also time to treat very severe cases, in which meeting the doctor in person is really needed, like injuries for example.

“I can definitely recommend Kry to people who don’t speak German and who are used to using digital services,” she concludes.

We sincerely thank Sara for taking the time to talk to us and we wish her a good and quick recovery.

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